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Appellate Practice

Our law firm has extensive experience before the appellate courts of the Pacific Northwest, including the Ninth Circuit federal Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Washington, and the Washington Court of Appeals. Our appellate lawyers work on appeals in most areas of civil disputes, including real property, construction, contract, worker’s compensation, and tort law. Some representative appellate cases that RGAB lawyers have handled are listed below:

  • Westlake View Condominium Ass’n v. Sixth Avenue View Partners, LLC, _____ Wn. App. _____ (2008-WA-1009.355) (Div. 1 2008)
    Result: Establishing and clarifying a homeowner’s right to assert a breach of the warranty of habitability
  • Ball-Foster Glass Container Co. v. Giovanelli, 163 Wn.2d 133, 177 P.3d 692 (2008)
    Result: Establishing the traveling employee doctrine in Washington
  • HCM Partnership v. Johnson, 130 Wn. App. 1050 (Div. 1 2005)
    Result: Reversing the trial court decision
  • Gorfkle v. Hartmann, 127 Wn. App. 1048 (Div. 1 2005)
    Result: Affirming the trial court decision and jury verdict we obtained on behalf of our injured client
  • Hirata v. Evergreen State Limited Partnership No. 5, et al., 124 Wn. App. 631, 103 P.3d 812 (Div. 1 2004)
    Result: Affirming the trial court decision in a jury case we won on behalf of two women who had been sexually harassed by their employer
  • Shahin v. Rouse Co. of WA, 111 Wn. App. 1031 (Div. 1 2002)
    Result: Reversing the trial court decision